Early Dining Discount at The Grill & PAD

26th July – 1st September

Brings friends and family alike to one of our two esteemed restaurants and experience phenomenal food at a discount when eating out early.

Take your pick of Asian-inspired cuisine from PAD or year-round foodie favourites at The Grill and save 10% when booking earlier timeslots.

Celtic Manor Grill


Housed within the grand interior of The Manor House, PAD transports your tastebuds to Eastern realms of flavours, incorporating elements of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other cuisine into a deliciously accessible dining experience.

What’s more, Masterchef finalist Larkin Cen is currently offering his own specially-inspired menu – the Monkey King – throughout the summer period. This diverse menu incorporates many small dishes, allowing customers to pick and sample multiple dishes in a single sitting.

Early dining discount available on reservations made between 6pm and 6:30pm.

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. Early dining discounts only available between the times stated at each respective restaurant.