Learn more about our Celebrity Cup sponsors and how to get your company noticed by becoming a sponsor.

The game of golf has always been one of the best ways of getting your brand message across to an upmarket audience. 

The Celebrity Cup is the next evolution, bringing the game to a broad spectrum of traditional golf fans and non-golfers alike. With universal appeal across all age ranges and genders, this exciting event creates an ideal environment for sponsors looking to really access and engage their market.

The Celebrity Cup will return for another star-studded showdown at The Celtic Manor Resort in 2019. This is golf with added glamour – a chance for some of the biggest names in sport and showbiz to swap paparazzi for putters and battle it out in a thrilling clash of the home nations between teams representing Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland.

Event Overview

  • A star-studded celebrity golf tournament expected to attract around 6,000 spectators over two days
  • Celebrity Q&A sessions and head-to-heads
  • Golf trick shot shows
  • Food and drink village Hospitality offerings each day
  • Glittering Gala Dinner with the stars on Saturday evening for around 800 guests

The Celebrity Cup 2017 Highlights

  • 486 posts sent across social media channels resulted in 1,006,145 engaged users
  • 59 pieces of media coverage to date across both national and regional media titles, giving a combined reach of 2,198,542,813*
  • Over 6,000 spectators over two days

With the ability to create bespoke sponsorship packages tailored to suit your companies requirements, you only get the aspects of the event that will work best for your brand including, hoarding boards and an advert in the official event programme, to get your company noticed.

Get in touch now to find out how we can help your brand stand out from the crowd.


Bulmers - Title Sponsor

The first drop of Bulmers cider was pressed by 20 year old, H.P. 'Percy' Bulmer in 1887 using apples from the orchard at his father's rectory and an old stone press from the farm next door.

It was founded on good advice from his mother when she advised the food and drink "do not go out of fashion" and she was right - over 125 years later we're still going strong as one of the world's largest and finest cider makers. 

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Castell Howell - Team Wales Sponsor

From small rural beginnings in 1988, Castell Howell Foods recently celebrated 30 years of business and have grown to become Wales’ leading independent food service wholesaler, servicing the length and breadth of Wales, the Border Counties and the South West of England. They've invested in excess of £10,000,000 on regional produce from Welsh suppliers and manufacturers.

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Imagine Cruising - Team England Sponsor

Imagine Cruising is a leading cruise expert in the UK and offer thousands of cruises to suit every budget and expectation.

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Heineken - Team Ireland Sponsor

From a single brewery in Amsterdam almost 150 years ago, Heineken have grown into a successful global business.

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Gatorade - Team Scotland Sponsor

Britvic has been bottling Gatorade in Great Britain on behalf of Pepsico since 1987, but the brand's origins date back to 1965 on the campus of the University of Florida. The coach of the college's American Football team – the Florida Gators – approached his friends in the Science faculty with a problem. His players were so affected by the Florida heat that they were unable to perform at their best. The team of researchers developed a solution – a drink that replenished the carbohydrates that players’ burned and the combination of water and electrolytes that they lost in sweat during sport.


Radnor Hills - Water Sponsor

Radnor Hills supply a diverse range of spring and flavoured waters, sourced from the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this very under populated area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. As you enjoy their products you are consuming one of the natural wonders of Mid Wales.

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Visit Maldives

The Maldives, located on top of a vast underwater mountain range have around 1190 islands and sandbanks. The pearl string like islands covers a land area of no less than 298 km2.  All the islands are encircled by a lagoon blessed with crystal clear water. These islands are protected by a reef structure, housing one of the most exclusive and spectacular underwater life.

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Champagne Jacquart - Premier Lounge Sponsor

The Jacquart story is a history of the Champagne growers' efforts to control their own destiny rather than relying on the big Grande Marque houses as a route to market. The young Champagne house are rooted in the passion and human values that drive their wine growers. Their contemporary style Champagnes bring people closer together, for those simple moments of happiness and for special occasions.

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