Environmental Policy

The Celtic Manor Resort recognises it has moral and social responsibilities to the environment and is committed to developing an environmentally responsible business. We appreciate that environmental management is an issue of on-going concern for our customers, staff and suppliers and know that it requires constant reassessment, monitoring and continual improvement.

Case Study

The Twenty Ten Course Build

Building the new Twenty Ten Course, the first course in history to be purpose-built for The Ryder Cup, posed significant environmental challenges.

The Usk Valley location is a Site of Special Scientific Interest as the natural habitat for a number of species including dormice, toads, adders and otters. Land at The Celtic Manor Resort is also an area of considerable archaeological value within a mile of the old Roman fortress town of Caerleon. 

The Celtic Manor Resort worked closely with wildlife agencies, Cadw, the Welsh Assembly Government’s historical environment division, and Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust to protect both the ecology of the site and its archaeological integrity.

Twenty Ten Course:

  • Adhered to a total of 42 planning conditions on the build
  • Changed Twenty Ten Course plans a dozen times as new archaeological finds were uncovered, including Roman pottery kilns, villa foundations and graves
  • Assisted with logging and documentation of archaeological finds, many of which were covered back over with earth to prevent erosion. Others are being catalogued and will return to museums at Caerleon, Cardiff and Aberystwyth
  • Constructed overhead road crossings for dormice following a six-month study of dormouse colonies
  • Constructed underground road crossings for toads
  • Re-located badger setts
  • Implemented a ten-metre exclusion zone on the banks of the River Usk to preserve otter holts, with all mowing banned in this zone.
  • Additional exclusion zones implemented around lakes and hedgerows.
  • Ensure all machines are maintained to the highest standard from our specialist mechanics, minimising emissions
  • Use of highly sharpened mowers means that the grass is less likely to be diseased.
  • Invested in a weather station that we use to ensure all spraying only hits target areas, this is coupled with low drift nozzles on all sprayers.
  • Use of highly durable rye grass on the course significantly reduces the need for any chemicals or fertilizers.   

In addition The Twenty Ten Course has seen:

  • The return of indigenous grasses, plants and wildlife since conversion from intensive farmland
  • Fish, amphibians and wild fowl thrive in and around the man-made lakes

In common with the other golf courses at The Celtic Manor Resort, maintenance of The Twenty Ten Course features:

  • 100 per cent self-sustained irrigation. Rain water collects in a specially-constructed irrigation reservoir or is pumped up from lakes on The Twenty Ten. No water is taken from the mains or water table
  • Only environmentally-friendly fertilisers are used on fairways and greens, non-reliance on outside agents ensures a rapid breakdown
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