Grub Kitchen

20TH - 23RD JUNE 2018

We’ll be celebrating National Insect Week by bringing you an amazing and unique pop-up experience at the Newbridge on Usk, in partnership with Grub Kitchen, Pembrokeshire.

21st, 22nd, 23rd - 12pm - 3pm £25.00 for 3 courses 

20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd - 6pm - 10pm £39.00 for 3 courses

Behind the concept are chef Andy Holcroft and entomologist (insect scientist) Dr Sarah Beynon, who were the subject of BBC documentary ‘The Bug Grub Couple’.

Their aim is to turn bug-munching from novelty to normalcy, introducing our palates to the many delicious and nutritious edible insects that are part of everyday diets in many parts of the world.

Experience the ‘wonder food of the future’ as Chef Andy Holcroft turns high protein critters into flavoursome creations with amazing nutritional benefits.  

For less adventurous diners and those who may not want the full three-course bug experience, the pop-up menu will also feature traditional Newbridge favourites such as west coast brown crab and ham hock terrine starters while main courses include steaks, duck, fish and vegan dishes.

Grub Kitchen’s philosophy promotes sustainable local produce combined with the practice of eating insects, or ‘entomophagy’.

Alongside innovative insect dishes with mind-blowing flavour combinations, diners at our prickly pop-up can also enjoy delicious craft beers and insect-based cocktails.

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