The Recruitment Experience

Everything you need to know about applying for a job, attending an interview and starting your Celtic Collection career.

Our Recruitment Process

Apply Online
Go to the careers section of website where all the roles will be listed. Upload your details and follow the instructions to complete your applicant profile. The Celtic Collection uses a sophisticated profile management system enabling us to track all applications online; allowing us to communicate with you through every step of the process.

Talent Identification Process
Following your application online you will receive a link to enable you to review your application, monitor your status and view new roles. A member of the recruitment team will be able to access your application and provide you with updates. Should your application be shortlisted, you will receive a message from The Celtic Collection team who will advise you of the next stages and invite you to interview or to an assessment centre depending on the role you have applied for.

Post Selection
In the unfortunate event that you are not selected for the position you have applied for, you will receive a message from the management system. Please do not let this discourage you from applying again in the future to other roles which you feel suit your skills.

If you are selected for a particular position your recruitment contact will be in touch with you to advise the next stages of the process.


Below are a few of the frequently asked questions which should help you understand the process a little better.

  • How do I apply for a job?

    You will need to complete the online application form on our job vacancies page.

  • The Application Process

    Can I send my CV to a friend within The Celtic Collection to help me get a job?

    The Celtic Collection has a strict policy where all applications must come through our careers website. All applications must come via our careers portal as this allows us to better manage the recruitment process and ensure fair and consistent delivery of service and feedback to all applicants.

    Does The Celtic Collection have an Employee Referral Program?

    Yes. If you are successful for a full or part time permanent role at The Celtic Collection, both you and the employee who referred you will receive £150! All CV’s must be registered through our careers website with the employee who referred you mentioned.

    Do I have to register my CV on The Celtic Collection website?

    The simple answer is yes. If you do not register your CV on the website we cannot accept your application.

    Can I go back to my application and amend it?

    Yes, it is best to keep your CV and application up to date so we have all the correct information.

    How long will it take until I hear back from you?

    As soon as you apply online you will receive an e mail notification, sometimes this can go to your junk mail so you may want to check this folder.

    How long does the whole process take from application to hiring?

    We are experiencing high volumes of applications at the moment and we are committed to checking all applications so you will have communication from us within 2 – 4 weeks.

    Once I am successful and have been given an offer, how long will it take until I can start with The Celtic Collection?

    When you are successful you will receive a contract of employment and the on boarding process will start, all new starters need to attend our induction program which takes place 3 times a month.

    Do I need to provide you with original qualification certificates?

    For certain roles yes.

    Will you contact my current employer for a reference?

    We will need references from at least two previous employers who we will contact directly with your permission.

  • Interview

    I have been invited to attend an interview, where should I report?

    Please report to the main reception desk in the Resort unless you are informed otherwise.

    I have been invited to attend an interview, do I need to bring anything with me?

    Yes, please bring a copy of:

    • Proof of identity (i.e. passport / birth certificate and National Insurance Card)
    • Food hygiene certificate (if applicable),
      Visa (if applicable),
    • Qualification certificates (if applicable, excluding certificates for GCSE qualifications or equivalent),
    • Written references from previous employers on letter headed paper (if applicable)
  • Directions

    What are my options in terms of travel?:

    Train / Car

    You can get directions to the resort below.


    The closest airports to the Resort are Cardiff or Bristol.

    The easiest form of transport from any UK airport would be using a National Express bus. You can check their website for further information.

    Online you can book tickets, find out what times the buses depart and estimated times of arrival at your destination. Your destination is the bus station at Newport, Gwent, South Wales. On arrival you will then need to get a taxi to the Resort which takes approximately 10 minutes and costs approximately £7.00.

  • Staff Accommodation

    Employee flats are located in Newport Student Village, Usk Way, Newport and are fully furnished (employees to provide their own bath/hand towels). Employees will have their own bedroom but will share the remainder of the facilities in the flat.


    Single room - £423 per month
    Double room - £477 per month

    Upon arrival, new staff members will be required to pay in advance a month's rent and a bond of £100.00.

    If you leave staff accommodation the amount of bond returned to you depends upon the condition you leave the flat.

    Payment should be paid in cash to the HR office on the first day of Induction. Please note that no guests are allowed to stay in staff accommodation.

  • General Information

    If I were successful, what would I be doing during my first couple of days of employment?

    You would be attending the Resort Induction Programme! You would need to arrive for 8.15am each day, report to the main reception desk in the Resort and inform them you are here for your induction day. They would give you directions to the Learning Centre on Lobby Level.

    The induction programme is fun and enjoyable, you get to meet with new colleagues. During the couple of days you would learn about the history of the Resort, customer care, Human Resources information, fire safety, manual handling, have a tour of the facilities and even try your luck in a quiz!

    What would I need to wear? 

    We expect you to wear smart casual clothes and comfortable shoes. You would be on ‘show’ to our customers during the tour of the Resort - we always need our employees to be well groomed!

    What would I need to bring to the induction day?

    Passport (and visa if applicable), car registration number (if applicable), copies of your certificates stated on your application form and a P45 form (if applicable) and your Bank Details.

    If I were successful, would a uniform be provided?

    You would be informed during your interview.
    Here are a few details…. we would always ask that you bring your own smart black (navy for reception staff), closed toe and heel, comfortable shoes, men should bring plain black socks and ladies skin coloured tights or stockings. Chefs would be provided with whites and safety shoes. Green keeping staff would be provided with uniform (except navy trousers) and safety shoes. A name badge must always be worn.

    Uniforms are not to be worn when off-duty. It will be regularly cleaned and repaired for you without charge by the Housekeeping department.

    If you are not issued with a uniform, you will be expected to wear conservative clothes that are in keeping with our standards.

    What are your grooming standards?

    We are a 5* Resort and this is the image we want our staff to portray. Please keep in mind at all times that your image would reflect our image. By observing our guidelines on hygiene and grooming (these would be given to you in an employee handbook), you will maintain the high standards we require.

    A smart appearance says a lot about you and the Celtic Manor Resort before you even say a word. Our customers would form an opinion about our level of service from seeing how well presented you are. It’s also true that if you look good, the chances are that you will feel confident too!

    If I were successful, how and when would I get paid?

    Employees are paid on the last working day of each month. If you did not have a UK bank account your payment would be in the form of a cheque.

    If I did not have a UK bank account – how would I set one up?

    You would need to complete a form which would be provided by the Human Resources Department. They would then write you a letter to take to Barclays Bank. This would normally be done in the first week of employment.

    Would my pay be net or gross?

    The rate of pay stated in your contract of employment would be gross. Therefore tax and national insurance (NI) contributions would be deducted from this.

    What is NI and how much would it be?

    Everyone in the UK over the age of 16 years, is required to have a National Insurance Number. This number is a unique personal number and issued in the UK by the Department of Work and Pensions. This number is used by an employer to deduct tax and national insurance contributions.

    If you are overseas, then we would arrange for you to register for your NI number after employment had commenced. The amount of tax and national insurance depends on individual circumstances and salary level.

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