NEW - St Tropez Express Spray Tan

22 December 2015

Winter may now be fully upon us, but don’t let that take away your glow! Our NEW St Tropez Express Spray Tan treatment is the perfect way to get you party ready in just one hour.  

This advanced, fast-acting self-tan allows you to customise your tan depending on your desired shade. Leave it on for 1 hour to achieve beautiful sun-kissed look, 2 hours for a sultry golden glow, or 3 hours for the ultimate deep bronze tan. All you need to do is choose the depth of your tan and wash off accordingly and then watch the tan continue to develop for up to 8 hours. 

To ensure maximum results the formula is enriched with 100% natural tanning agent and vegetan premium, which enables the tan to match your pigmentation. The texture is rich and smooth for ultimate comfort and suitability for all skin types, making it a party staple throughout the Festive Season and New Year. Getting your glow back has never been easier. 


- The day before you tan exfoliate with a Body Polish to ensure a clean canvas.

Immediately before applying your tan, moisturise elbows, knees, ankles, feet and the hairline to protect from absorbing too much product.

- If you’re ‘Faux-ing the Glow’ at home always start by applying your St Tropez to a Tan Applicator Mitt, and apply in light sweeping motions, starting from your legs and working your way up. Once the whole body is covered, use the residue left on your mitt to glaze lightly over the back of well moisturised hands and feet. Wait until touch dry before getting dressed. 

- Wait 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade, then rinse off the tinted guide colour with warm water only. After showering, skin will have a light colour but the self tan actives will continue to work for up to 8 hours, developing and deepening into your chosen shade of tan that lasts for days.

- To prolong and maintain your tan, moisturise daily and exfoliate regularly. 

Do’s and Don’ts:

Carry out a patch test 24 hours before use. Don’t apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Stop using if your skin becomes irritated. Always wash hands after use. Self-tan may stain. 

Sun safety warning: This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin ageing, skin cancer, and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn.

Why not treat yourself this Christmas to one of our Party Pampering  treatments now available at Ocius? Call to book on 01633 410458.

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