Investing in the future

08 September 2017

Effective training is a key part of any successful business and it is something we take very seriously at the Celtic Manor Resort.

We established a Learning and Development team several years ago and the resort is committed to growing our own managers of the future by offering the training and career progression needed to identify and encourage the members of staff who show potential for leadership. 

One of the challenges we face is the unique diversity of the resort with so many different strands of the business requiring different skill sets and knowledge – from cutting greens on the golf course to cooking greens in the kitchen, and from tucking in bedsheets in housekeeping to filling out spreadsheets in our accounts department.

The more people rise through the ranks in one department, the more they need to know about other areas of the business as they will need to work with colleagues to manage projects and events. It is also essential that all of our staff know as much about other parts of the resort as possible so that they can answer guest enquiries in an efficient manner.

The growing importance of this has been underlined in a number of new training schemes we have launched at the resort in recent years. Pioneering the trend was our Trainee Management Scheme which welcomed its first intake of recruits a little over three years ago.

Hundreds of applicants were whittled down by a rigorous interview process to four initial trainee managers who spent two years getting a thorough grounding in every one of our many departments. From going out in the dark early hours with the green keepers to closing the bar to the last revellers at more or less the same time at the opposite end of the daily spectrum, our trainee managers all receive a thorough grounding in every aspect of the Celtic Manor operation.

There are very few businesses where they would gain exposure to such a diverse range of working environments which not only gives them a thorough grounding in all our facilities and services, it also gives them more rounded skills for whichever department they decide to specialise in as the final part of their two-year traineeship and progress to make a career in.

This summer has seen the second year of graduates progress to new roles at the completion of their training and we know they will be a great asset not only to the resort but to the hospitality industry in general.

The success of the scheme has encouraged us to widen the reach and launch a new Hotel and Hospitality Apprenticeship this summer which will follow a similar model to train up the next generation of hospitality professionals.

Training will again be spread over two years, giving apprentices the opportunity to learn all the operational aspects of the hotel and hospitality industry. Modules will cover food and beverage, conference and banqueting, front of house, housekeeping and kitchens as well as a stint combining all these areas at our Coldra Court Hotel.

We have also joined forces with the University of South Wales to launch an honours degree course in Hotel and Hospitality Management for this new academic term where students will combine much of the hands-on varied training outlined above with classroom study to learn theory and concepts of hospitality operations and management.

Creating these schemes all takes time and effort but it is definitely a worthwhile investment to build the team which will lead the resort into the next generation and we aim to create many more training opportunities for young people and existing staff members in the future. 

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