Discovering Group Exercise at Dylans Health Club

15 January 2016

With the New Year safely underway, we thought we would recruit Danni, one of our extremely talented trainers from Dylans Health Club to tell you all about the benefits of discovering group exercise on the Celtic Manor blog...

Have you recently joined Dylans Health Club as a New Year’s resolution to get fit and are considering which exercise classes to try? Maybe you have been a member for a while but haven’t tried any of our classes yet? Why not?... Are you worried they will be too hard? Are you daunted by being the new face in a big group? Are you not sure what they involve so haven’t yet plucked up the courage to give it a go?

Fear not… new and existing members alike, this blog post is here to help you make that first step into the wonderful world of group exercise and hopefully you’ll find yourself coming back for more each week!

Firstly, why should you try group exercise classes?

  • Be motivated to exercise for longer and more regularly
  • Discover new and exciting types of exercise you wouldn’t do in the gym
  • Push yourself harder than you might by yourself
  • Get to know other members 

How can you decide what to try?

  • Think about what you most like (or dislike least if that is the case!) – cardio, resistance weight training or stretching/relaxing
  • Do you have a specific goal?
  • To improve fitness for an upcoming run or bike race?
  • To trim up and tone up for a holiday or special event like a wedding?
  • To relax, unwind and improve your flexibility?
  • To be dripping in sweat to feel like you have had a proper workout?
  • If you need a visual idea of what you’ll be doing in the class have a watch through the studio window or try Googling the type of class to see people in action and see what inspires you.

    Cardio based

    • Indoor Cycling – 30 or 45 mins on a stationary bike, climbing hills, sprinting on flat roads and challenging your legs, lungs and heart to keep up
    • GRIT Cardio – 30 mins interval training, be prepared to be puffing and sweating but follow the same routine for 12 week a time and see your fitness improve week-to-week
    • Running Club – a social run round the Celtic Manor grounds on a Saturday morning, no pressure just a fun run with like minded members
    • Zumba – shake your booty and dance to the rhythm of funky music, feels more like dancing like no one’s watching than exercise! 

    Resistance based

    • Body Pump – choreographed weight training using barbell and plates. Start off light and gradually increase your confidence and weight over 12 week of the same routine before the next release
    • GRIT Strength – similar to GRIT Cardio but with the addition of weight training. Interval class, see yourself progress over 12 week of the same routine and watch your muscles sculpt and body fat reduce
    • Forest Fit – enjoy the fresh air with an outdoor circuit style class – come rain or shine
    • Aqua Tone – gentle water-based resistance class using foam dumbbells for extra resistance in the water. Great for injury rehabilitation and low impact on joints. 


    • Step & Tone – focused around a floor step you’ll burn loads of calories and feel a burn in your legs and bum especially – trimmer bodies here we come!
    • Circuits – mixture of heart pounding and muscle burning exercises in a circuit
    • Boxercise – box yourself fit with punching drills, press ups, shuttle runs and lots more
    • Cardio Core Conditioning – our longest class comprising 30 mins indoor cycling followed by 60 mins strength conditioning exercises. Varied every week so always interesting and challenging.

      Relaxing/ Flexibility/ Postural & Core muscle focus

      • Yoga – improve your flexibility and balance through challenging poses, while focusing on breathing and mental relaxation
      • Pliates – relaxing yet physically challenging, improve your core strength – essential to reduce risk of injury particularly the lower back. Improve flexibility and body awareness
      • Abs Blast – short and sweet, 15 or 30 mins focusing on your core muscles – develop a strong and toned core that is much more than just a six pack!

        Your first class:

        • Arrive 5-10 mins early
        • Let the instructor know you have never done this type of class before and they will help you choose the correct equipment / set up your bike etc.
        • They can keep an eye on you through the class and give you any extra assistance if you need it
        • Talk to other members before the class starts – it is always less daunting being the newbie if you’ve chatted to a few people, they will often give you encouragement if you are finding it challenging
        • Bring a towel or grab some tissue in case you need to mop your brow!
        • Make sure you stay well hydrated with little sips of water - drink whenever you need it, don’t wait to be told by the instructor
        • Enjoy it and spread the word about our great classes and Instructors!
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