Valentine's Day Cocktails - A Recipe For Love

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Sweeten up your sweetheart with our Valentine’s cocktails for star-crossed lovers…

Watch as Merlin's Head Bartender William Pravda creates a tale of two loves with our Capulet and Montague cocktails being served in Merlin's Bar this weekend, try both for just £15.95!


Montague -Tall glass

Stir together :
Muddle 2 fresh strawberries
40ml strawberry vodka
20ml fresh lemon juice
20ml sugar syrup
Fine strain to the prepared glass

Leave mint leaves in fizzy water for 30 minutes

Garnish: whole strawberries and ice and caramel net ball on top


Capulet - Martini glass

Muddle 2.5 fresh strawberries in shaker tin
35ml strawberry vodka
1 tea spoon of nice honey
Stir together
7ml vanilla syrup
30ml Mozart white chocolate liqueur
10ml Midori - Japanese melon liqueur
30ml Soya milk - Alpro original subtle sweet taste
10 - 15 ml double cream
Shake well 
Fine strain into martini glass decorated with chocolate

Garnish on the rim with with caramell net ball and strawberry dipped in white and milk chocolate on the side of the glass.

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