Terry M is the Real deal for lunch date

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Love was in the air when fine-dining restaurant Terry M played host to a special lunch date for Real Radio Wales.

Terry M is the Real deal for lunch date

Sitting down to a glass of bubbly, everything was set for an intimate, romantic lunch... well, aside from the fact that there were two TV cameras trained on their every move. Oh, and Woody's breakfast show partner Jagger and producer EJ ensconced in a room next door listening in on headphones and analysing the chemistry developing between them.

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Watching brief: Woody and Nicola's lunch date is dissected by producer EJ and breakfast show presenter Jagger

The dining pair got on famously over lunch and have agreed to see each other again... but will it be the Real deal?

Highlights and reaction from the date have played on the Real Radio Wales breakfast show but, for the full story, watch the Real Radio video here.


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