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Occupying an idyllic location on the banks of the River Usk, the charming 200-year old country inn is definitely a secret hideaway. Newbridge on Usk is situated just a few miles upriver from the Resort and offers laid-back luxury in the heart of the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Ronan Hunter who is the General Manager tells us more about the developments of the Newbridge on Usk garden.

The potential of The Newbridge struck immediately, and the chance to make use of the land connected to it's beautiful location, meant that along with Head Chef Gavin McDonagh we started putting plans together to create a kitchen garden.  

The Newbridge garden was started in December, which consisted of building six raised beds which would house our polytunnel. We have planted a mini orchard with six apple trees, two pear trees and two plum trees down by the River Usk, but the goodness doesn't’t stop there. We have also planted an array of soft fruit bushes including redcurrants, blackcurrants, white currants, loganberries, raspberries, blackberries, red gooseberries and green gooseberries. The garden will not only produce a wide variety of delicious fruits and berries, but it will also serve us with a range of edible flowers that will be used in the kitchen and also in the bar. The heart of the story behind the Newbridge on Usk garden is that we are able to use produce that has zero food miles, complete traceability, a tiny carbon footprint and produce straight from our garden.

Ronan continues to tell us more about the new garden

 The creation of our garden has benefited greatly from the enthusiasm and dedication of Anthony (Gardener), who is the real star of it.  Gavin and I have provided a number of the ideas and thoughts behind what we are growing and what we can do with the produce. We are starting to reap the benefits with wonderful fresh salad leaves, spinach, radishes, chard, many fresh herbs and countless varieties of edible flowers, all featuring on a daily basis on our menus and within our daily cocktail specials.  












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