Love is in the air

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Love Is In The Air


We were overwhelmed by the response when we launched a competition on our Facebook page to find the most deserving couple for a romantic dinner and overnight stay for Santes Dwynwen’s Day, the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s Day.

There were over 100 entries but many of the additional comments urged us to pick Stephen Enos for this entry:

Whilst I worked at the Celtic Manor golf club many moons ago, tragic events put me into the role of a single father. I dedicated 100% of my time to my son, which had led me to having to leave the golf club employment. It is such a beautiful place and Ii met some truly amazing people whilst I was there. My son was only 2 back then and I remained a single father for 10 years. Then 5 years ago a beautiful person came into my life named Rosemarie, Rose had moved from Linconshire to Newport and the first sight to overwhelm her was the stunning Celtic Manor Hotel. We have never been able to afford to stay there as guests and I explained how I was born in what was once the hospital there. Rose works for Duffryn High School as a teaching assistant with autistic teenagers. Rose gives so much to others, and expects nothing in return, I would be lost without her and I’d love to be able to show her how much she means to me for this special evening.

But Stephen (pictured above with partner Rosemarie) himself urged us to vote for another popular entry from Jo Salmon:

I would love to win this for my Mum and Dad. My grandmother is in hospital dying from a bleed on her brain and they can do no more for her. Sadly we can’t get there because of the snow. :( My parents are just the most amazing parents and have been through so much caring for her for so many years as she has dementia and Alzheimer’s. My dad was diagnosed a few years ago with Bi Polar but previous to this suffered without the correct support and my Mum has stood by his side through it all. In 2010 my daughter was diagnosed with Autism which hit the family very hard and they have been my rock helping us through such a difficult time and through all this my dad still struggles with his Bi Polar. They are wonderful parents who have been caring for my Grandmother for so long and haven’t done anything for themselves in years. I would love to win this for them as they deserve something special. They have been married 42 years this April. They met in school many moons ago and have been in love all along even through many ups and downs in life :o)

We had to agree but we were so impressed with Stephen’s gesture that we created a second identical prize for him so that both couples could enjoy the romantic treat they deserved.

If you missed out on celebrating Santes Dwynwen’s Day, don’t forget it’s Valentines Day so don’t forget to spoil your loved one with one of these Celtic Manor treats.

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