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There is always a great deal of choice when it comes to venues offering spa treatments. Even a medium-sized town offers a few options to choose from. The problem that many of us have is determining which spa is the best. To help make an informed choice, it's necessary to understand a bit more about the factors that determine if a spa is offering a quality service. Which will mean a better chance of choosing the perfect option to meet your requirements. 

Treatments to Expect at a Quality Spa
One way to judge the quality of a spa is to consider the number of treatments on offer. The top facilities will provide a good range of options such as:

• Body treatments such as detoxification, salt glows, and exfoliation. 
• Facial treatments like anti-oxidant therapy
• Body waxes 
• Thai massage 
• Body wraps 
• Hot stone massage 
• Reflexology 
• Pedicures and manicures 
• Sauna 
• Jacuzzi 
• Hydrotherapy 
• Yoga class
• Relaxation class 
• Fitness class 

Other Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Spa 
Some of the other things that you might want to consider when choosing the perfect spa might include:
• Read reviews left by other customers of the spa – you may be able to find these online. 
• Ask to take a tour of the spa before making your decision. 
• Ask the members of staff questions to see if they are helpful and knowledgeable. 
• Ask friends and family for recommendations. 
• Find out more about the owners of this facility, and their philosophy. 

Key Benefits of Choosing a Quality Spa
The key benefits of attending a spa would include:
• A bit of pampering may provide you with a mental boost. 
• It can help to reduce your stress levels. 
• It can improve your physical appearance, and this will give your self-esteem a boost. 
• Treatments such as massage may help with certain medical conditions. 
• It can mean that you get to enjoy a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation. 
• If you have a special event coming up, such as a wedding, it can help you look your best. 

The Celtic Manor offers a range of quality spa treatments and offers. For the perfect spa break indulge yourself in a variety of luxurious facilities to take away all the stress and strain of everyday life. 

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