Hot Tips for Winter Golf

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Not everybody relishes the battle with the elements that is winter golf but our Golf Academy's Joe Ferguson has some top pro tips on equipment, clothing and accessories to make sure your game doesn't catch a cold in the coming months.

Keep Your Balls Warm

Golf balls with a warmer core react more explosively off the clubface than colder ones. Some golfers even keep their golf balls on a radiator overnight before playing. During the round you should keep spare balls in your pocket, rather than let them go cold in your golf bag.

Golf Mitts and Pocket Handwarme rs

You'll see all the top tour pros reaching for thick golf mitts between shots when they're playing in cooler climes. "Old school" pocket hand warmers are still a popular seller in our golf shops. It's important to keep the circulation going through your fingers, especially for those feel shots around the green.

footjoy_mitts_th_51910_38018   mycoal-golf-handwarmers

Golf Mitts from £29.95                            Pocket handwarmers £2
at the Celtic Manor Golf Academy

Wear a beanie hat

I'm not sure if the stat that you lose 90 per cent of your body heat through your head is an urban myth or not but you really do feel the difference when you wear a woolly hat, particularly if there's wind chill in the air.

Check your grips

Club grips will naturally become more slippery in the cold and wet so it's essential they're not worn down to start with. Ask your pro to check your grips.

New grip fitting from £5 per grip

Check your shoe spikes

Some golfers will change from soft spikes to hard spikes in the winter but it is usually sufficient just to check your soft spikes have enough grip. In frosty conditions, soft spikes can become clogged with ice so your pitchfork can serve a second purpose as an ice pick.

Wear more and thinner layers

A tip from Bernhard Langer, no less. It is far less restrictive to your golf swing to wear more and thinner layers than a thick woolly jumper or a jacket. Base layers like Under Armour are popular with the pros and increasingly among club golfers.

under armour

Base layers from £39.95

Use harder golf balls

Top players may not want to lose their feel for their regular ball but mid and high-handicappers should consider using harder balls to compensate for the distance they will lose with soft ground and damp, cold conditions. Also use yellow golf balls in the frost and light snow when white balls can be difficult to spot.

Pinnacle golf balls from £15 for 15 balls

C a rry sp are and all-weather gloves

Wearing an all-weather glove makes sense in the rain and you should carry spares in your bag because even all-weather gloves will lose grip when they get drenched.

All-weather golf gloves from £16.95 for a pair

Towels and brollies

A little obvious but don't forget your umbrella and have a towel handy to clean your muddy golf grooves. Clip another golf towel to the inner frame of your brolly to keep it dry for wiping your hands between shots.






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