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Seeing as The Grill menu has been relaunched and you can officially give up your New Year's resolution next week; you may as well cheat on the ‘healthy you’ in style.

If you've been eating protein, protein and more protein for the entirety of January then you're allowed a 'carby' slip up and if you're at the Celtic Manor, surely that makes it acceptable. Am I right?

If you're a burger lover (like me) then you should definitely be checking out the menu like, right now. Of course, it's not ALL about burgers at The Grill; there are plenty of other delights on the menu that are absolutely worth trying. If you're more into steak, pasta, nachos or you’re just after breakfast then you'll be pleased to know that your food cravings will be satisfied too.

To cut a long story short, I obviously ordered a burger but it certainly wasn't your average beef patty. In fact, there wasn't an ounce of beef, which could be deemed controversial to some but the idea of a Bhaji Burger made my heart melt. Just picture a large onion bhaji sandwiched by naan bread with a side of beautiful mango chutney and then imagine the party that was going on in my mouth. It made for a very pleasing change to the standard burger indeed. 


The next burger I must recommend is the Snowdonia "Mac and Cheese" for the simple reason that there's pasta involved.  You may think that it would be wrong to have beef, pasta, cheese and bread in the same meal but you would be unequivocally wrong. The beef patty was thick and, more importantly, cooked really well and was topped with the most amazing mound of fried macaroni cheese. This idea is genius and certainly isn’t something I’ve seen grace any other menu so it was welcomed with very open arms.

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There's a brilliant mixture of desserts on offer and there'll be something to suit a variety of taste buds. Whether it's arctic roll drizzled with salted caramel sauce, pretzel cheesecake or a classic cheese platter that takes your fancy then you'll be catered for and then left feeling very full.

There’s no need to fret about whether you need to stay at the resort to test this menu for yourself as you don't need to be a resident to dine at The Grill. It's a very casual, family-friendly restaurant with food for all ages, a relaxing ambience and a great view of the golf course. The prices are very reasonable considering you'll be enjoying delicious food at the most famous resort in Wales. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Have you booked your table yet?

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D Williams 7.18pm on 30 January 2015

Took my mother to the Grill last Sunday lunchtime. We both agreed that the lunch was lovely and that the beef was the best we had had for quite a while. We told the staff how much we had enjoyed our meal. We will definitely be going again.

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Sarah Jenkins 11.06am on 03 February 2015

I too had the Snowdonia Mac and Cheese burger it was FAB !!! The hotel is lovely the staff are great, friendly and so helpful, I would suggest a stay is needed for everyone.

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