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We're "Going Underground" with our latest advertising campaign – encouraging users of London's Tube rail network to make a summer Escape Plan to the Celtic Manor Resort.

Four different adverts under the same headline theme promote the the various strands of the resort's appeal to leisure guests – golf, spa, family and activities, as well as the luxurious new Hunter Lodges.

This is Celtic Manor's first London Underground campaign since the aftermath of the 2010 Ryder Cup and the large 48-sheet adverts will be displayed trackside at no fewer than 30 busy Tube stations in late May and early June.

Click on the pictures to read the full text

The Escape Plan is underlined with the words "Go on a Celtic adventure" and messages designed to lure each type of holidaymaker. Catchy icons flag up everything the resort has to offer and there is also advice on how our perfect, relaxing retreat can help you escape from the daily routine of work and chores, not to mention the obsession with checking your mobile phone... repeatedly.

With more family activities than ever before, three championship golf courses and two luxury spas, Celtic Manor is the ideal destination for a summer escape. The spectacular new Hunter Lodges all sleep eight people in four double or twin en suite bedrooms and they all come with their own saunas and outdoor hot tubs.

Time to get cracking on your own Escape Plan...

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