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Sarah Jane Symonds has worked at Dylans Health Club for over 7 years.
Here she gives us a glimpse into the life of a Fitness Consultant at Celtic Manor Resort


6.15am Open gym. I unlock the doors and turn on the lights, equipment and music. I check over all the equipment and check the water levels in the pool plant room and test the panic alarms.

6.30am Welcome first members, have a quick chat and check if help is required with any fitness routines, demonstrating correct techniques where appropriate.

6.50am Spin Class set up. During this time I transfer the spin bikes into the studio and set them up as a semi-circle ready for the class. I make a safety check of the bikes, prepare the music on my iPod and set the air conditioning.

7.00am Spin Class instruction. Spin cycling is a high energy class completed upon an exercise bike to upbeat music with changes in ride position and intensity. I like teaching this class and hope it motivates the participants ready for the day ahead. I can be a bit vocal and demanding and I think people sometimes see me like an army drill sergeant (always been a dream of mine, lol).

7.40am Quick shower and change.

8.00am Assist disabled member within the gym through her routine of half an hour on the treadmill and half an hour of core strengthening and weights. I assist her with the equipment and moving on and off the equipment and it’s very satisfying to help make our facilities more accessible for everyone.

9.00am Gym and changing room checks. The staff on duty take it in turns to check the gym equipment and changing rooms and tidy up.

9.15am Gym Induction. We give new members a tour of the gym and an explanation of how the Technogym Wellness system works. New members are told the health and safety aspects of the gym before being shown how to use the cardio vascular equipment and weights. We demonstrate how to use the equipment and members are invited to try them out for themselves. I try to make this as fun as possible to make people feel at ease and comfortable while also getting across some important information.

9.45am Wellness consultation. I sit with a new or established member to discuss current lifestyle, motivations and goals and work out a gym routine. Injury and health factors might come into the equation before we agree the routine and set goals and targets.

10.45am Instruct a member in the gym. During a typical day, I will often be asked to help a member with a piece of equipment they haven’t tried yet or to explain abdominal and weight exercises. I can advise on correct weight selections and take a look at their technique to see if it needs to be improved. Great things can come as a result of starting people off on equipment they love using. I introduced two members to the world of Concept Two rowing and they have both now achieved the honour of 1 million metres rowed! One of them has gone on to complete over 4 million to date and compete in competitions.

11.45am Lunch break

12.15pm Chat with members and check if help is needed with routines and modifying them where necessary. The great thing about the Wellness system is we can place a complete routine upon a member’s key, meaning they don’t have to remember all the different parts.

12.30pm Wellness review (30 day review). Discuss and review with member how their routine has been going. Check whether they are on target to achieving their goals and how motivated they are feeling. Modify their exercises where applicable, hopefully increasing resistance, speed or sets! I enjoy helping members achieve their goals especially when it allows someone to achieve their weight loss target, overcome injury or train for a specific sport or sporting goal.  There’s no better feeling than hearing someone talk about what they have achieved through their dedication.

1.00pm – Personal Training. One full hour of complete motivation for an individual client and one of my favourite parts of the job. A current PT client is training to complete an Iron Man triathlon this coming summer, and it gives me great satisfaction knowing that my core specific and strength/conditioning work combined with sports massage will help her achieve her goals. My PT sessions are usually a mix of high intensity cardio combined with explosive and dynamic resistance and core training with me pushing the client and helping to motivate when fatigue kicks in.

2.00pm – Handover meeting. Time to catch up with the rest of the team to discuss events of the day and hand over important communications. It’s also an opportunity to bring up new ideas for classes, etc.

2.30pm – My own training session. Time to motivate myself and push it out on the cardio equipment before working on the kinesis for a toning session.

4.00pm – Sports massage. I’m trained to give sports massages to fix and relieve injuries such as tennis elbow, sciatica, whiplash and general muscle strains and tears. These can be booked as half-hour or full-hour sessions by members, residents and members of the public. Through my sports massage I have also had the privilege to work with the Army’s ladies’ football team during the inter services championship in 2012 and athletes at the London 2012 Olympics.

5-6.00pm – Head home after another busy day. I’ve worked at Dylan’s Health Club for just shy of seven and a half years now, time which I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and interacting with our fantastic members.

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