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We all know that a healthy lifestyle is good for us, for so many reason, but what are your go-to excuses for not getting up and making it out to the gym? We've compiled 5 of our favourite excuses so you've got a go to next time it's cold and dark and you really don't want to leave the coziness of the sofa, or alternatively, you can laugh at ours and that might motivate you out of the house! Can you add to them?

1. It's intimidating!

Yes, we suppose that it could very well be intimidating, but isn't that the case for anything new? Why not make it less scary and take a friend along with you? Or try going to a class rather than straight into the gym - dip your toes in and it suddenly won't seem so big and intimidating. 

2. It's not in the budget?

What price can any of us put on our health? Why not try cutting out the latte before work, or the take-away meals, you could find yourself eating better and you'll find the spare change in your pocket increasing! A win win situation.

3. I have a bad knee/back/shoulder!

We have personal trainers who are trained to help you work with your injury and improve your movement, performance and ultimately even the injury itself! 

4. I'm not fit enough / strong enough / thin enough / big enough yet!

This is an excuse that anyone and everyone has used in the past. No has reached that point of perfection before joining a gym, no one! 

5. It's too hard!

Yes of course it is! It wouldn't be worth striving for if it wasn't! Break it down into smaller challenges for yourself and suddenly it won't seem so hard. 

If you've made it through those reasons and are thinking 'maybe it's not so bad after all', and want to get fit and feel great for 2017, then why not contact our Membership team on 01633 410300.

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Julie Oatridge 5.15pm on 21 November 2016

Because training outdoors is much more rewarding. Such as seeing the sunrise (better for the soul). X

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